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Mentor Name,

I recently selected you on Mentoring Connect to be my mentor. I am looking forward to connecting with you and learning more about your experience in the non-profit industry. I am currently working at Imaginary Company as the VP of Awesome Initiatives and I am looking for a mentor to help propel my career forward and help me learn how to balance my busy schedule.

Through the system, I selected our first meeting to be on July 13th at 6pm CST. Does this time still work for you? Would you like to make it a call or meet in person? I will also follow up with a calendar invite when we confirm the day and time.

I look forward to hearing back from you and setting up our first meeting! Thank you!

Mentee Name

Mentee Name,

Thank you so much for selecting me to be your mentor. I am so excited you reached out! I am looking forward to getting to know you and learning from one another’s experiences. In order to make it a fruitful mentoring relationship, please share the following before our (call/video chat/meeting) on November 5th at 10am EST:

  1. What are you most excited about in participating in the program?
  2. Are there specific areas that you would like to focus on during our time together?
  3. What are your short term and long term goals?
  4. What would you like the outcome of our mentoring experience to be?
  5. How do you see my experiences helping you leverage your goals?

The answers to these questions will help ensure we make the most out of our time together! Let me know if you have any questions. I will send over a calendar request for November 5th. Thank you!

Mentor Name

Mentor/Mentee Name,

Unfortunately, I had a conflict come up and am unable to make our upcoming mentoring session on March 8th at 2pm EST. I have provided my availability below to reschedule. Please let me know what date and time works best for you. I look forward to putting the new session on our calendars. Thank you!

Your Name

It’s important to keep track of progress between sessions, so we’ve provided a template that you can use to take notes during your mentoring sessions.


This toolkit is designed to serve as a reminder for many of the concepts discussed in the training and offers strategies for success.

Click here to download the Mentoring Tool Kit.

This self-assessment is intended to help the mentee gauge competencies at certain stages along the mentoring process.

Click here to download the Mentee Self Assessment.

These suggestions will help you get started in assessing whether a potential mentor is a good match.

Tips for Selecting a Mentor.


You should email the mentor to introduce yourself, confirm the date and time, and suggest how you would like to meet (phone call, video conference, meeting in person, etc.). We also recommend that you send a calendar invite for the selected times to ensure both parties have the meeting on their calendar. Check out the templates section to help you get started.

You can notify your mentor/mentee through the mentoring software. Simply log in and request to cancel or use the email provided to request that they contact you to reschedule.

It is suggested to send a cancellation notice at least five days before your scheduled session if at all possible. Check out the templates section for more help.

First, reach out to the other party to find out what happened and see if there is an opportunity to reschedule. Email them using the address provided in the system and allow 48 hours to respond.

Next, email the program coordinator, Lacey Smothers, at lacey@diversetalentstrategies.com so that we are aware of the issue. DTS has a strict no-show policy for program participants. The first time a session is missed, we investigate as to what happened. After the second occurrence the participant is removed from the program. We will work with you to find another match, if necessary.

For general questions about the mentoring program, you can reach out to your Program Coordinator or email us at info@diversetalentstrategies.com.

For technical questions, please reach out to our Client Experience team at support@diversetalentstrategies.com.

All participants agree to adhere to the Mentoring Code of Conduct.