Jan Belcher had a 25+ year career in public service, successfully serving as Assistant City Manager and City Manager for several cities in Texas. While this career path had many rewards, it also meant managing in difficult and sometimes contentious times. When she made the decision to try a different career direction, one in which she would be her own boss, she contacted a good friend who, like her, had experienced great success as a public servant and was now experiencing even greater success as a realtor.

Jan asked her friend if she would consider mentoring her through a similar transition, assuring her friend that she was indeed ready to be her own boss.

She was fearful at first as she realized that she was giving up a steady paycheck in return for learning to be her own boss.

Her mentor began by showing her the similarities between the skill sets required in both careers, including crisis management, project management, customer service, and negotiation and time-management skills. Jan also soon realized that instead of studying different city government laws and regulations, she was now maneuvering her way through real estate laws. Her mentor also told her that in real estate, like city government, she needed to be readily adaptive to lots of different personalities and their individual needs.

Jan also credits her mentor with “believing in me more than I believed in myself at times.”

Jan’s decision to transition her career and use a mentor to help her succeed started 4 years ago. And did the mentoring work? Jan thinks so, as she was voted “highest producer” in her office for two consecutive months, and is on track to continue that trend. “I smile when I realize that I can make more in a single month being my own boss than I did in a year in my former career.”

“My greatest satisfaction is handing over the keys to a new homeowner!”

(Note: Jan is now training her own assistant – in other words, paying her mentoring forward.)

A native Texan with a degree in Communications from Baylor University, Dottie’s background includes highly successful careers as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, author, speaker and facilitator. She has recently accepted the position of Market Director in Dallas for the Mentoring Women’s Network. A long time supporter of women in business, she is a co-founder of the National Association of Women Business Owners.



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