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Diverse Talent Strategies Acquires Talent Recruiting Firm, Integrated Talent Solutions

Integrated Talent Solutions has merged with Diverse Talent Strategies to provide mentoring programs, talent sourcing, consulting, and now, recruiting. This merger has allowed these two companies to focus more strategically on providing an advantage to their clients. By recruiting qualified individuals, companies will see higher productivity, better customer service, and lower turnover rates. With the completion of this merger, Toni Widman, co-founder and former CEO of Integrated Talent Solutions, has become the VP of Business Development for Diverse Talent Strategies.

“At Diverse Talent Strategies, we realized that together we could build a systematic planned strategic talent development strategy for companies to attract, retain, develop, motivate employees and managers.  By merging the companies together, we are a one-stop shop for organizations to focus on Talent Development and recruitment,” said Alison Martin-Books, Managing Partner for Diverse Talent Strategies.

The Talent Nexus program is allowing these two companies to come together and offer community-based mentoring programs through partnerships with universities to create a pipeline of potential internship opportunities and potential employees for organizations in the future.  Diverse Talent Strategies is creating Talent Development and Retention programs to connect students to the business community to provide quality employees to businesses in the future.


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Lacey Smothers

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Lacey Smothers is the Program Coordinator for the Talent Nexus Emerging Leaders program. Her passion for social media and community management helps to shape individual participation in the Talent Nexus program into a powerful professional development experience. Lacey graduated from the Purdue School of Science at IUPUI in May 2016 with a Bachelors in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. She loves coffee, her dog Bella, and is a proud Hufflepuff.

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