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Are you interested in building your business by referral?  I meet a lot of women who are. They want more business by referral so they go from networking event to networking event in an effort to get more referrals. Unfortunately, to accomplish anything, it takes more than interest; it takes commitment.

in·ter·est  (adjective):  wanting to learn more about something or to become involved in something

com·mit (verb): to make, obligated to do something

Like anything, building relationships that lead to referrals takes time, requires a system and commitment. In 2010 I completed my first half marathon. For years there was a photo of a marathon on my vision board because I was really interested in doing a marathon. However, year after year the photo kept appearing on my vision board in one form or another, a visual substitute.

It was not until I committed myself to the work that it took to do a marathon that I started seeing success. I joined a team of others who were training for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon (a half marathon). I got a coach to help me identify the tools that I needed, the system to use for consistent results, and the right times and places to practice. In May 2010, I completed my first Indianapolis Mini Marathon and I finished it well.

If you want to have a business that is based on referrals, you will need to have serious commitment to learning and implementing a process of relationship building. You will need a budget, a tracking system and an organized network. It takes time, resources and a mindset shift from “networking” to “working my network.” Until your mindset shifts from interest to focused commitment, you cannot expect to see the change or success that you are capable of.

Common traits of those committed to a business by referral:

  • They regularly take the time to learn more about a referral system.
  • They apply the knowledge that they learn.
  • They have accountability coaches and mentors.
  • They implement systems in their business.
  • They never make the assumption that they already know.
  • They seek others who have the same mindset of commitment.

Experts are committed to what they are doing and invest in knowledge and excellence. Conversely, amateurs are merely interested in outcomes while ignoring the work that it takes to be truly excellent. Which are you?

Hazel Walker

Global speaker, networker, author Hazel Walker considers herself a citizen of the world. She spends her time helping others realize that it is possible to dream big and reach those dreams.  She lives and works on two continents, the United States and Australia. Hazel has a passion for helping women embrace their power and create a global reach. She is a five time published author and her newest book, Business Networking and Sex (not what you think), has hit number one on 12 different best selling lists. She is considered an expert on the topic of referrals and how to generate them consistently.


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