The importance of establishing trust in a mentoring relationship cannot be overstated.  A mentee chooses a mentor they want to learn from, so to some extent, a mentee expresses trust in the mentor in the beginning of the selection process.

To build this trust and to set the mentee on the path to success, a mentor must model behaviors that demonstrate professionalism and integrity, as well as be fully present when engaged with the mentee. Below are some examples of behaviors that build trust and behaviors that impede trust.

Behaviors that build trust:

  • Listening proactively and with an open mind
  • Being cooperative and collaborative
  • Sharing experiences openly
  • Allowing yourself to be vulnerable
  • Following through on what you say you will do
  • Being accepting and nonjudgmental
  • Admitting to and owning your mistakes and errors
  • Actively seeking out different perspectives
  • Sincerely encouraging others to succeed
  • Demonstrating a positive outlook on work and the work environment
  • Honoring and respecting confidentiality

Behaviors that impede trust:

  • Not paying attention and interrupting when someone is talking
  • Talking badly about others
  • Being overly competitive with others
  • Withholding information or being exclusive
  • Not matching behavior to words
  • Being critical or judgmental
  • Acting with a hidden agenda
  • Blaming others for mistakes
  • Being closed to new ideas
  • Discouraging others from trying new things or taking a risk
  • Operating from a negative perspective
  • Revealing information you gained in confidence

At Diverse Talent Strategies, we help companies offer a workplace mentoring structure that is scalable, easy to administer, and metric driven. We also help ensure participants are prepared for mentoring conversations, whether as the mentee or as the mentor. If you would like assistance in planning your company or organization’s mentoring initiative, contact us today at info@diversetalentstrategies.com.

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