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Engage Tour Webinar Featuring Blaine Hurst, President & CEO of Panera Bread

We recently partnered with Emplify to bring you The Engage Tour, an event series that now includes virtual events, used to convene people-focused executives to build relations and learn new ways to attract, retain, and develop talent. Our first virtual event featured Blaine Hurst, CEO and President of Panera Bread. He shared his background and experiences with mentoring, giving our audience a good look at how to get ahead of challenges and how to become a people leader.

Blaine’s presentation focused on a few key lessons that help him to be the most successful people leader and to make Panera into a success. These lessons help keep the leaders and associates on a focused track to maintain their high rankings in customer service and satisfaction.

Lesson Zero – Start With What Matters

Lesson One – Time Matters.

Lesson Two – Start with a Focused, Unbounded Team

Lesson Three – Expect the unbelievers

Lesson Four – To Drive Engagement, you have to bring an elevated experience from Day One

Lesson Five – With a Servant’s Heart

By using these lessons, you can work towards being a better people leader and achieve success in whatever you do. Blaine ends his presentation with an inspiring story about his son running a race and being joyful and persevering in the face of adversity. Although he finished the race in last place and fell a few times, he always got back up and smiled. His tale of this race ends with the message “run the race with joy” which is inspiring for so many reasons, not the least of which is to remind us all to find happiness in the things we do, even if we aren’t the best.

If you’d like to view the whole presentation from Blaine Hurst, please click here. The Engage Tour will be hosting more thought provoking and inspiring people leaders in the coming months so be on the look out for those dates. Thank you to Blaine Hurst for providing us with so much of his insight and thoughtful story telling.

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Alison Martin is the Founder and Chief Learning Officer of Diverse Talent Strategies, a family of brands offering turn-key solutions for mentoring, women’s leadership initiatives, and recruitment. With roughly 15 years in nonprofit work, Martin-Books has a passion for doing work that makes a difference in the lives of others. After serving as Executive Director at two different national nonprofit organizations, her commitment to her passion for developing female talent led her launch Mentoring Women’s Network. In her role, Martin-Books acts as a liaison to a national committee responsible for the leadership development content for the organization and consults with corporations on the development and strategy aligned with initiatives for emerging female leaders. She is also the author of the book, “Landing on My Feet: Learning to Lead Through Mentoring” and speaks regularly on behalf of the organization

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