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Diversity Consulting, Training, and Metrics

At Diverse Talent Strategies, we consult with companies intent on increasing their diversity at all levels in the organization.  We work to understand your unique needs and help to create a road map for achieving goals as it relates to diversity and recommended tactics for helping you get there.

We are a proud partner with Compass to provide analytics to help answer the following questions:

  • Are we becoming more diverse, less diverse or staying constant over time?
  • What could a potential lack of diversity cost us? How could an increase in workforce diversity increase profitability?
  • What does we look like compared to the labor market?
  • Are our hiring, retention and promotion strategies working to increase diversity?
  • What should our priorities be to get the most dramatic results?
  • Are diverse employees with the same skill sets getting the same opportunities as their non-diverse colleagues?
  • How can we most effectively communicate to management that our diversity and inclusion initiatives require resources?

Only once we understand these metrics can we begin to create goals and build a strategic plan, including tactics for helping you to achieve those goals.


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