Do you want a robust mentoring program, but lack the resources to handle the time-consuming activities of implementing one?

Diverse Talent Strategies can help! Our custom mentoring program takes the guesswork out of implementing mentoring programs for all types and sizes of organizations: companies, non-profits, associations and universities.

Step 1:
Identifying your
needs and goals.

Our Custom Mentoring Program begins with an in-depth interview with key members of your team to understand your needs and goals, followed by our people-first assessment to make recommendations to address those needs. Using our proprietary mentoring software, we then create a customized mentoring program for your organization.

Step 2:
Implementing your
mentoring solution.

We implement your customized mentoring program using our proven deployment methodology and provide a training curriculum for both participants to ensure their full understanding.

Step 3:
Providing additional

Our support doesn’t end when the program is initiated. Instead, as your full-service mentoring program administrator, we provide additional resources to ensure your mentoring program runs smoothly.

These include:

  • Quarterly reporting of your program’s outcomes
  • Planning sessions, monthly coaching and quarterly consultant check-in meetings
  • Monthly mentoring tips newsletter

the process

You will have access to a Client Success Manager to ensure the program meets your goals and objectives. Our goal is to provide you with the training and resources to ensure the success of your mentoring program.


of employees say mentoring works

Let us handle your
mentoring needs!

Don’t let the lack of a mentoring program or the inadequacy of your existing mentoring initiative result in an increased attrition rate of your valuable personnel. Contact us today and discover how Diverse Talent Strategies can provide a customized mentoring program to enhance your company or organization.
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Benefits of a mentoring program

  • Engages participants across all levels.
  • Aids in succession planning.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Improves retention rate.
  • Develops leadership abilities.
  • Attracts new talent.

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