Times are changing, and businesses that haven’t yet adopted strategies to increase diversity will pay the price in more ways than one. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it also comes down to dollars and cents. Here’s why:

  1. It can keep your business relevant and in touch with the general public. Surrounding yourself with a diverse team can expose you to many different perspectives that could help your business remain accessible in the marketplace.
  2. Millennials matter. Study after study indicates how Generation Y is plugged in when it comes to tolerance and social consciousness. An organization that makes a concerted effort to increase diversity in its teams may appeal more to Millennial workers and clientele.
  3. It takes a team. Finally, when companies can tap into a variety of of perspectives from which to view a problem, they’re more likely to come up with an expedient solution.  Time is money, after all!

Ok, so you know diversity is good in the workplace, but how can you can attract candidates from different backgrounds? Consider the following:

Create policies that encourage diversity in hiring. It’s no secret that people tend to hire candidates like themselves. For good or bad, that’s the reality. Making a shift will require making changes to your hiring process. For example, you could require an event split of men and women in a candidate slate before proceeding to interviews, or even institute referral programs for women and minorities.

Solicit feedback from employees. Your staff are the ones in the trenches. Often they are the ones who have the big ideas regarding how to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace that management might otherwise overlook.

In 2016, diversity should not just be a buzzword. What actions can you take to diversify your workforce? Share your comments below.

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