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Donna Karsnick

Written by Donna Karsnick

Donna Karsnick is a Senior Consultant at Diverse Talent Strategies where she works with companies, non-profits, universities and membership organizations to develop and implement custom mentoring programs that align with their mission and vision. Through these mentoring programs, organizations can better attract, retain and develop their talent.

Throughout her career, Donna has been passionate about mentoring, both through informal coaching/ mentoring as well as participating in large corporate programs/initiatives. She believes that establishing mentoring relationships can be an important element in building leadership skills and can be a cornerstone in career development.

Before joining Diverse Talent Strategies, Donna had a long career in the Life Science field spanning the Pharmaceutical/Biotech, Medical Device and Healthcare industries. Most notable was an 18-year career at Eli Lilly and Company in which she held a variety of leadership positions. Her office is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.