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As a Regional Sales Executive for a $100M+ business segment at a Fortune 500 company, Leanne Ross led a team of sales representatives to achieve unprecedented growth and success. She also had the responsibility of hiring new employees for her team, as well as providing direct input to other hiring managers. Unfortunately, none of the millennials that she encountered were well prepared or presented themselves in a way that she could confidently hire them. In talking with other hiring managers outside of her company and industry, many were in complete agreement and had experienced the same thing.


In 2016, she left to start her own company IVY LADDER to arm and prepare students with the strategy and practical skills necessary to impress employers and launch their careers. As a millennial, she wanted to help other millennials and now gen Z to learn from an experienced hiring manager exactly what to do, and more importantly what NOT to do. She now spends her time working with students and student organizations through public speaking engagements, online training and hybrid programs. Whether top salespeople or eager students, she believes in giving people the tools and motivation they need, and empowering them to go out and reach their goals. She lives outside of Boston with her husband and daughter.